108 Rice Center

108 Rice Center

Hello all good job to now RNA IMPORTS OF BRAZIL have interestintelligent Commuditys services in order to getcustomers are interested to export Brazil's food grains with meat andsugar to work with the international market awaiting import andexport Your contact our logical company are interested to shareprofit., Our production and export capacity and above 50,000tons per harvest.* WHO WE ARE*The Corporation's RNA Imports from Brazil working in newtechnologies sustainability and clean energy, starting its origins asa company import and export, evolving into a respected corporationInternationally. With offices in Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland,China, India, Russia and Italy, seeking a quality of life throughprojects clean energy and new technologies of electric vehicles, withpartnerships public and private, through the most diverse areasexpressing an global exchange of technologies and knowledge forfurther growth technological and perspective expansion of life in theareas of clean energy and sustainable.*OUR VISION*We are an international trading company specialized inserving customers in all areas of import and export, we work forbest results for our customers and partners toDevelop our work in the shortest possible team without intermediaries wherewe have the best prices of imports que all partners and customerswin. Slay our customers updated on a question of values ​​forInternational orders, freight and providing accurate arrival informationand transparent, Allowing the customer to plan Their activitiesrelated. I hope your contact soon, Regards,Julian De Oliveira Chief Operating Officer - Commercial Director agriculture Phone: +55 (45) 3264-7560+55 (45) 3264-7560 international calls Mobile: +55 (45) 9929-3004+55 (45) 9929-3004 Personal Phone Central Phone: +55 (45) 32647560+55 (45) 32647560Email: agricola@rnaimports.com Website: www.rnaimports.com Av Brasilia, 1420 -. Mediatrix Building 2nd Floor, Office 24 - Centro - Mediatrix-PR - Brazil


  • Services : Import and export
  • Address : Av. Brasilia
  • Area : Medianeira
  • State : Paraná
  • Category : Food and Drinks
  • Postcode : 85884-000
  • Phone : +55 (45) 3264-7560

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Location Map of 108 RICE CENTER of Av. Brasilia.

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